Pub Menu

       Here at Initiative we want you to be sure that we are following all recently released guidelines, and taking every precaution to protect our local (and global) community. With the recent COVID-19 changes we are following the newest guidelines. With this, we will continue to offer you great food and fantastic beer. Come by and sit down outside (now inside) and enjoy our firepits, or take-out and delivery. See the menu below to see what delicious things we are offering. Thank you for your continued support.


For delivery: 



We take great pride in our menu, and hope you can taste the Initiative difference. From house-made sauces to high quality ingredients, we hope you enjoy our take on standard pub grub. Due to the shut downs, we are running a slightly lighter menu, rest assured if your favorites are missing they will be back when we can reopen inside!

We our proud to source some of the highest quality local ingredients around, these include; Carlton Farms, Tillamook Cheese, Country Natural Beef, Choi's, and Big Ed's Bakery. We are always on the look out for ways to continue to expand our menu while keeping it as local as possible.  




- Five chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce (Buffalo, Nashville, Teriyaki, BBQ or Sweet Chili). Served with a creamy blue cheese or ranch dressing. $7 10 wings for $12 or 20 for $20. (GF)

Jalapeno Artichoke Dip 

- House-made artichoke dip served with house chips. (GF, Veg,) $9

Bavarian Pretzel

-A warm Big Ed’s Bavarian pretzel served with our house-made beer cheese. (Veg) $10

Pub Cheese Nachos 

- House-made corn tortilla chips. Served with house red & black beans, house-made poblano corn salsa, and jalapeno beer cheese. (Veg) $10 Additions; Mojo Pulled Pork (3.5), Crispy Chicken (3.5), Grilled Chicken (3), Bacon (2.5)

BBQ Pork Nachos

- House fried chips covered in tillamook cheddar cheese, house-made bbq sauce, caramelized onions, and pulled pork. (GF) $13

Fresh Cut Fries 

- Freshly cut right here in our kitchen. (GF, Veg, V) $7 

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Fries 

- Freshly cut fries topped with house-made ranch, bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese and topped with green onions. (GF) $9.50

Korean Fries 

- Freshly cut fries topped with caramelized kimchi, hoisin, sesame ginger aioli, green onion & Tillamook cheddar cheese. (GF, Veg) $10

Crispy Chicken Tenders and Fries 

-Chicken breast pieces soaked in buttermilk and tossed in house-made gluten-free breading then deep fried golden brown. (GF) $10

Hummus Plate

-House-made hummus, fresh veggies and warm pita bread (Veg.) $11


-Tillamook; Pepper-jack and cheddar cheese, housemade corn salsa and black beans garnished with cilantro, house-made salsa and a side of sour cream (GF, Veg)  $12

Tres Carnitas Tacos

- 3 carnitas tacos garnished with diced onion and cilantro (GF) $10








Add Crispy Chicken - Grilled Chicken - Bacon - Pulled Pork

Caesar Salad 

- Romaine lettuce tossed in house-made Caesar dressing topped with parmesan cheese and house-made croutons. (GF without croutons, Veg.) $10

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch

 - A blend of romaine lettuce and cabbage tossed in house-made ranch dressing with house-made BBQ sauce drizzled on top; finished with grilled chicken, black beans, Tillamook Cheddar cheese, crispy tortilla strips, tomatoes, green onions and crispy bacon. (GF) $14

Arugula Goat Cheese

- Arugula tossed in house-made sweet onion vinaigrette; topped with house pickled red onion, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and Gala apple slices. (GF, Veg) $12



Choose a side - Fries, Green Salad, or Asian Slaw

Upgrade your side to Cheesey bacon ranch fries, chili cheese fries or Korean Fries for $3.50 

Add bacon to any sammie for $2.50, pork 3.50, extra patty 7oz patty 3.5, extra chicken 3

(Beyond Burger and Gluten Free Buns Available)


- Carlton farms pulled pork, Tillamook Swiss cheese, ham, mustard and house-made dill pickles, all sandwiched between an inside out Big Ed's baguette. $13

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 

- Spicy fried chicken breast coated in our house-made sambal buffalo sauce served on a Big Ed's brioche with mayo, cabbage, and house made pickles. With a side of our fresh cut fries. $14

Chicken Banh Mi 

- Chicken breast, pickled veggies, jalapeno, cilantro, and ginger sesame aioli on a Big Ed's baguette. $14


- Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, melted Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, mayo, fresh lettuce, onion and tomato on top of a big Ed's brioche bun. $13

Grandmaster Swine burger 

- Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, pulled pork, melted Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, and BBQ on top of a big Ed's brioche bun. $16

Korean Burger

 - Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, caramelized kimchi, lettuce, Korean chile sauce, and sriracha aioli on a Bid Ed's brioche bun. $14

Hawaiian Burger 

- Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, teriyaki ham, house-made pineapple jam, ginger sesame aioli, and Tillamook Swiss cheese on a Big Ed's brioche bun. $14.

Buffalo Blue Burger 

- Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, melted blue cheese, coated in house made buffalo all with the classic lettuce, tomato and onion on a Big Ed's brioche bun. $14

Mushroom Swiss Burger 

- Juicy Oregon Natural Beef grass fed patty, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, onion, tomato and Tillamook Swiss cheese on a Big Ed's brioche bun. $14

All American Burger

- Juicy Natural Beef grass fed patty, house made fry sauce, house pickles, American cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes on a Big Ed’s brioche bun. $14

Jalapeno Jack Burger

- Juicy Natural Beef grass fed patty, sriracha aioli, pickled red onion, fresh jalapenos, pepper-jack cheese, lettuce and tomato on a Big Ed’s brioche bun. $14

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sando

- Fried Chicken Breast tossed in Nashville sauce, crispy bacon, Tillamook Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato all smothered with ranch on a Big Ed's baguette bun. $15.50 

BBQ Pulled Pork Sammie

- Slow cooked pulled mojo pulled pork, caramelized onions, house-made BBQ and tillamook cheddar cheese on a Big Ed's brioche bun. $13

Patty Melt 

- Juicy Natural Beef grass fed patty, sauteed; mushrooms, onions & garlic, Tillamook Swiss, Tillamook Cheddar and sriracha aioli; on Big Ed’s sourdough bread. $14.5

Grown-up Grilled Cheese 

- Tillamook swiss, cheddar and monterey-jack cheese; grilled to perfection on Big Ed’s sourdough bread $11



Cinnamon sugar pretzel with rotating sauce $10


Cheese Burger & Fries, Grilled Cheese & Fries, and Chicken Bites & Fries. - $5


WHAT'S ON TAP - $5.50

Our Beer                                              ABV          IBU

Taking Pourever Blonde                       4.4%          28

Hare of The Dog - XPA                         5.0%          34     

Hoppy Habits - IPA                               7.0%          53    

Redemption Stout  (nitro available)      7.4%         44     

PPP- Vanilla Porter                               5%             23

Shane-ful Imperial Red                         8%            38

Feed your head - DIPA                         8%             65

Realistic air guitar- Juicy (Hazy) IPA    8.4%           0 






Guest Taps

Caldera Brewing- Mother Pucker Raspberry Sour

Elemental - Blood Orange Cider - $6

Baughman- LoganberryCider - $6

Schmidt - Pinot Gris - $8

Schmidt - Pinot Noir - $8

Humm - Coconut Lime Kombucha - $5.50

Ablis - Blood Orange Cranberry CBD Soda - $6

Blowfish Gluten Free Beer - Grapefruit IPA & IPA - $6.50



CBD COSMO - Ablis CBD soda, Abiqua Vodka, Triple Sec & muddled lime. - $9

MOSCOW MULE- Maine Root Ginger Beer, Abiqua potato Vodka and lime $9

LEMON DROP - Abiqua Vodka, Triple Sec, fresh squeezed lemon juice, with a sugar rim. - $8

MARGARITA - Fresh squeezed lime & lemon juice, house-made simple syrup, Altos Tequila, Triple Sec, on the rocks with salt. - $8

SAZERAC - Crater Lake Rye Whiskey, bitters, twisted lemon & a hint of Absinthe. - $9

REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP - Screwball Whiskey and Dr. Pepper - $6

UNCRUSTABLE- Peanut Butter whiskey, raspberry liquor and half & half- $9

Hot drinks

Spiked Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate- hot chocolate, peanut butter whiskey, topped with whip cream $7.00

Cafe Booze- Smith Rock Coffee, Irish Cream and whip cream $9.00

Boozy Peppermint Patty- hot chocolate, rumpleminze peppermint schnapps and whipped cream $9.00




Maine Root Ginger Beer- $4.00

Smith Rock Coffee- French Press (16oz) $6

Inspired Leaf Loose Leaf Tea French Press (16oz) $5.50- Lemondrop Chamomile or Lavender Cream Earl Grey