Tap List

Year Round

DIPA (double IPA)

Have you been chasing rabbits looking for the perfect double IPA? Well the men on the chessboard have led you to the right place. A smooth and balanced double IPA generously dry hopped with mosaic hops. Remember what the dormouse said.

Export Stout

A foreign style stout brewed traditionally for tropical regions. Brewed stronger than your average stout and heavily hopped to last the journey to tropical colonies. Our take on this beer is fortified with Sucanat sugar. Pitch black in color, smooth and creamy.

Belgian Pale Ale

The van will transport you straight to Brussels in this Belgian Pale Ale with its European malts, Abbey Yeast, and French hops. With this beer we spread our message of joy and togetherness. Can a Potato van change the world? We think it can.

SIPA (session IPA)

Have you ever wanted the hop aroma and flavor of an IPA but the quaff ability of a session ale? Well, this one’s for you! Hoppy accident has huge aromas of tropical fruit and citrus but at a mere 4% abv. so you can enjoy it all day long.

India Pale Ale

This is not your dad’s IPA. Brewed with a holy grail of hop varieties, Level 3 IPA will be sure to please even the most seasoned IPA aficionados.

September - January

Winter Seasonal

An ode to English Winter Warmers. This well balanced libation will certainly warm your cockles on even the most blustery of winter days. This beer brings great complexity to the holiday season with a strong and sturdy malt backbone, earthy English hops and a warming alcohol presence.


Summer Seasonal

Don’t be like that guy. Get out and enjoy the summer with friends and at the end of the day treat yourself to sensual summer pale ale. Bursting with citrus flavors from Grapefruit and Orange zests this beer is the perfect summer sipper. A low abv., wheat heavy malt bill and Citra hops make this a great summertime session ale.


Baltic Porter

What am I? I am an Imperial Porter fermented with lager yeast. I am smooth and easy to drink like a lager but am bursting with chocolate, coffee and caramel notes in a rich, creamy body. I sound really sexy don’t I?


Russian Imperial Stout

This beer will not be stopped. Our Imperial Stout is exactly what it should be; big, bold, dark and flavorful. A huge malt bill showcasing dark and roasted malts, hopped like a double IPA, and the complexity of wood aging makes this limited release beer worth going to great lengths to enjoy.