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India Pale Ale

Up here from a land down under, we generously hopped this modest IPA with a ton of New Zealand Hops. Strong aromas of peach, passion fruit and pineapple shine through the light malt flavor and show cases the hop aroma and flavors.  A single brew so get it while you can.


Loaded up with juicy oregon blackberries and strawberries and mixed with real lemon zest and juice makes for a sour beer that smells and tastes just like your favorite mixed berry lemonade. This beer has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel courtesy of a healthy dose of malted wheat from Mecca Grade Estate Malts in Madras, Or. We brewed this one as a collaboration with our friends over at Initiative Brewing! As an ultra refreshing sour, this beer is sure to restore your hitpoints.


A sessionable summer ale, brewed with Pilsner and Oregon Rye malt, and Oregon Crystal hops, this beer finishes clean and crisp.


This easy drinking blonde is as easy on the eyes as it is on the 

tongue. Brewed with flaked barley and Crystal hops, this beer is 

widely loved by light and heavy beer drinkers alike.  


Honey Lager

Much beloved and brought back by popular demand, and we mean popular demand. Oh bother, where 

to begin…? Smooth, easy drinkability of your average lager with noticeable honey notes. The ABV is 

worth mentioning as well…. 7.4%!!!!! Taste it and see why we love it.  

Imperial Red

A high ABV red that is remarkably easy to drink. We used the Castle Special B malt to give it its 

color and some brown sugar to give it more depth. The Shane-ful features the noble Saaz hop to 

create the earthy flavor you except to find in a truly superb imperial red.  

Hazy IPA

Oh bother, where to begin? A happy accident turned best seller. With locally sourced clover honey from Flying Bee Ranch, the moderate honey notes shines through the lighter malt and subtle hop flavor. Pooh said it best “It isn’t much good having anything exciting, if you can’t share it with somebody”

Export Stout

Out of all the ideas in our brewers head, this is his favorite and it’s not hard to see why. This 

particular style of stout is most commonly found in the tropical regions but we have brought it to you. 

The Redemption stout swallows light and has a nice full body. Don’t let it fool you though, even at 

7.4% it is still remarkably smooth and has converted more than 1 IPA believer.  


This beer was brought back by popular demand. A step up from the 001, this beer features a more 

complex profile. Using the Vienna malt we broke away from the traditional pale ales, enhancing the 

smooth mouth feel and allowing the Simcoe and Amarillo hops to shine in the spotlight.  


India Pale Ale

Brewed with the holy grail of hop varieties, this NW IPA will bring you back to a time where choosing an IPA was easy. Slight bready flavor from the malt paired with strong aromas of resinous pine, citrus and mango. This ain’t your granddads IPA.


Wee Heavy Scottish Ale

A wise Scotsman named Stuart Rankin once said "If it's not Scottish it's Crap!!!", so we could only do one thing and that was to make this traditional Wee Heavy style Scottish Ale the proper Scottish way. This beer has the intense malt flavor and body to warm you up on those cold Oregon days with notes of prunes and raisins with a viscous mouth feel.

Russian Imperial Stout

This beer shall not be stopped, Onward to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railway to this bold and strong stout, aged with brandy and oak it will give you the notes of toffee, dark chocolate, coffee and dark fruit at 10.2% you should have your self a great ride!



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